Our Mission

The Pet Assistance Network of Topeka shall provide for temporary shelter consisting of healthy, appropriate and compassionate living conditions, enrichment activities, and personal care, to those pets whose owners are homeless or currently out of home and who are being served by one of PANT’s partner agencies. The shelter and care provided to the pets will meet all legal requirements. At such time as the owner is no longer homeless or out of home, the pet will be reunited with its owner, preserving the human/animal bond.

Our Partners:

Topeka Rescue Mission

PANT services are only provided to those pets belonging to clients of PANT’s partnering social service agencies.

Man and dog

Topeka Rescue Mission:
785-354-1744, ext. 150
Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging, Inc.
785-235-1367 or 800-798-1366

Topeka is fortunate to have compassionate shelters for individuals and families facing homelessness. But these shelters cannot accept pets, forcing owners to make difficult choices. PANT is helping families, two legged and four, stay together in a time when their owners are struggling with a number of hardships.