Success Stories

In 2016, PANT provided assistance to 23 dogs, 5 cats, and 26 people in the Topeka community! Family pets are boarded at local veterinary clinics, receiving any necessary care, including vaccinations, spays, and neuters, while their human relatives receive assistance to get their lives back on track. There’s no greater bond than between human and companion, and with your contribution, we can continue to help families find the hope and success like the ones below.


brandy dogs

A Fresh Start for Brandy’s Family

In October 2016, a woman was seeking refuge from an abusive ex-husband who kept her from work, and threatened to take her four dogs away. Living outside of Topeka, she was unaware of PANT and had no where to turn. She frantically searched for a place to stay with her fur babies, but to no avail. Until someone led her to the Topeka Rescue Mission and PANT.

Through PANT’s assistance, Brandy and her family no longer had to live in fear, and now look forward to a fresh start on life.

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tara and maggie

A Reason to Celebrate!

A strong family of four faced difficult circumstances, forcing their lives into a downward spiral that led to being homeless. After seeking shelter at the Topeka Rescue Mission, the family was relieved to find their two dogs, Tara and Maggie, could find comfort through a licensed PANT provider while they focused on getting their lives back on track.

Tara, a Staffordshire Terrier mix, and Maggie, a Shepherd Husky mix, were more than ready to be reunited with their family!

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Nakia, Home Protection Plus!

Anita and Donald found the perfect security system for their home— Nakia, a pure white German Shepherd. As their family grew, so did Nakia’s love and protective tendencies toward her human family members.

In 2015, the family experienced a foreclosure of their home, and found themselves living at various places with friends. Unfortunately, they could no longer afford staying together and feared the worst, being separated from their faithful companion of over 11 years. That is, until the Topeka Rescue Mission and PANT partnered to keep the family off the street and eventually reunited!

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